About Us

Our Story

Every great story starts with a delicious warm beverage…

Ours started during a time when instant coffee and tea wasn’t a thing… can you imagine?! While manufacturing instant mixes for reputed labels in the tea and coffee industry for the past 10 years, we noticed that everything revolved around the idea of convenience. Somewhere along that road, the importance of taste and experience took a back seat.

Which is why in 2009, we decided we wanted to restore some of the magic of the traditional coffee and tea experience that has faded with our instant mixes. By reducing the presence of negative ingredients like fillers, and bringing back the authentic flavour of natural ingredients; we wanted to take our consumers on a journey of rich flavour while giving them a healthier alternative to instant coffee and tea.

We set off to find the perfect ingredients to make our instant mixes that much more delicious. Rich, premium coffee beans from the plantations of Karnataka, tea leaves handpicked from the gardens of Assam and aromatic cardamom from the spice farms of Kerala to awaken your senses and warm your soul. Just you, our tea and coffee, and nothing else. No added synthetic flavours, natural cane sugar and 100% natural ingredients, get the rich flavour and health benefits of pure Indian ingredients.

We worked endlessly to find the perfect symphony of ingredients for each premade mix, making sure each flavour played its role perfectly in creating heavenly flavour, unique only to our products.

We, as a family, started our brand Cafe N Tea in the hopes of taking you on an enchanting journey of flavour.

Manufacturing Unit

The manufacturing unit of the group (A.M. Industries) is spread over 50,000 sq.ft & has the capacity of producing 7000 tons of Hot and Cold Beverage Premixes per annum.

Café N Tea premixes are manufactured under most hygienic conditions and in accordance to the international quality standards utilizing the most modern technology and talented workforce. The premixes are precision packed to keep them fresh for longer period of time i.e. for 6 months. The company has Quality, Food Safety Consumers and customer safety policies and conducts regular internal & external Audits.

Being a part of the Buyer’s Market, we are more than willing to develop special products for customers of a particular segment/region/taste. A few examples of our region based products are Lemon tea with Salt and pepper for Kashmir and Soups without onion & garlic for the Holy Shrine Vaishno Devi base at Katra.

Consumer And Customer Safety Policy

A.M.Industries ensures to provide its consumers with products that are safe and free from any adverse effects on their health and environment, thereby fulfilling its statutory and mandatory requirements for the fulfillment of the above, the organization shall:

  • Ensure that the products are packed safe by design.
  • Design, operate, and continuously improve the packing to comply with statutory standards.
  • Establish and maintain standards and procedures for the control and monitoring of all critical control points in operations protecting its products from potential hazards such as presence of foreign bodies, microbiological, chemical contamination and allergens.
  • Operate and maintain a toxicological clearance procedure for all its cleaning agents used in the unit.
  • Ensure that all employees at each level and function are aware of their responsibilities for consumer safety, and are appropriately trained and motivated to fulfill them.

The consumer safety policy is reviewed annually ensuring continuous improvement of the consumer safety management system.

Our Clients

We Believe in Service, and you Know that.